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Delivering Ünique Brand Experiences

Übergrün has developed a series of innovative and interactive brand experiences. The following comprises our core services, installations, and deliverables.

Living Wälls

Whether indoors or out, Living Walls with embedded designs and messages made out of flora captivate curiosities, deepen engagement, and heighten brand awareness.

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Living Mürals

Snow, moss, flowers, solar rays, volcano dust, — horizontal/vertical — the choice is yours. We will place your message the way you like it on any wall or surface, anywhere on earth.

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Living Billböards

We use plants, moss, grass, and solar power to create breathtaking billboards that you only need to see once to remember forever. The ultimate selfie opportunity and social media play!

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Ecö Decor

Looking for a center piece for your event? Consider Eco Décor made with flowers, plants, dust, ice, snow, sand… all designed for maximum engagement, indoors or out.

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Ecö Stamps

Environmentally friendly Ecö Stamps can be placed on sidewalks with heavy foot traffic or in a location of your choice. The messages will wash away naturally with no impact on the environment.

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Branded Äpples

Apples with a message or a logo printed in chocolate. The message is applied on apples using a proprietary chocolate treatment.  It’s a perfect icebreaker for conventions and events.

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